Pecha Kucha Birmingham vol 12

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Pecha Kucha Birmingham teamed up with the ReThink Media conference for the first of our 2016 events, warming up the delegates the night before.

Our PK Speakers!

Seven lovely people shared their ideas, passions and interests to a friendly and receptive crowd. Here’s the videos of their talks.

Rocio Carvajal, a Pecha Kucha veteran from Mexico, is an author, educator, blogger, baker and researcher of gastronomic heritage. Her talk is titled “The language of food: Bread stamping in colonial Mexico” and will look at how the codes embedded in and on food tell a story of the moral, economic, ethical, religious and even political views of its time.

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Mark Steadman is a web developer, the organiser of Ignite Brum and, from June, a freelancer. He’s talking about the medium of podcasting, about making media without asking permission, how amazing stories can be told and minds changed, and how it’s not all about Serial.

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Pete Ashton is an artist who works with cameras, and occasionally makes photographs with them. He’s a Birmingham Open Media fellow and is current developing “What If..? Cameras”, image-capturing devices which might exist in alternative realities where the DSLR and cameraphone don’t dominate.

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Tim Stimpson represented Bold Text Playwrights, a collective of 8 playwrights from the West Midlands region. He also writes for The Archers. He talked about how they got together to connect with our regional audience and give them new and exciting theatre and how there’s still lots more to do.

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Caroline Nash is an actress and producer of local theatre in the Midlands and a recent Come Dine With Me winner. She will be talking about the challenge of producing a theatre with interactive elements.

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Frank Golding is a former Director at Google where he worked on product, sponsorship and creative strategies. He now leads Golding Media Ventures, LLC and Run or Pass, Inc. His talk will be on the 50 year career of operatic soprano Lily Pons.


Zoe Partington is a disabled artist who uses her practice to challenge stereotypical thinking in visual art. Her talk is on re-framing visual media so you don’t exclude the excluded. How do we transfer iconic images and visual information into descriptive words so they have meaning for all?

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Photos from the night

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