Speak at Pecha Kucha Bham

The strength of Pecha Kucha Nights is that you can encounter people you wouldn’t normally hear about, telling stories and sharing ideas from beneath your radar. Birmingham is a huge, ancient, diverse city and supports a sometimes bewildering array of cultural activity. We want Pecha Kucha Birmingham to be immersed in that.

We’re after passionate speakers from all walks of life and schedule seasoned presenters next to newbies because we’re after the freshest perspectives – it’s ideas that drive Pecha Kucha.

Pecha Kucha is a great format for nervous newbies. The timed slides provide the pace: you just need to say why you chose those images. You can with rehearse a script or maybe just wing it on the night, confident that you know your stuff. We’ll give you tips and advice on how to do it and you’ll never meet a more supportive audience! If you want an opportunity to get over those public speaking nerves, PK is the perfect platform.

PK is also wonderful for experienced public speakers. The timed structure forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to experiment with new ways of presenting. And you can talk about absolutely anything you want rather than just what pays the bills!

If you know what you’d like to talk about then please fill in the form below. And if you’re not sure, or want to know more, drop us an email at hello@pkbham.uk

No-one gets paid to run or speak at Pecha Kucha, though the speakers do get a drink or two for their efforts. All profits are used to promote future events to a wider audience.

We look forward to seeing you on stage!